A College Degree in Whiskey is Just a Click Away

A Whiskey Education

After Coronavirus shut down the world's strongest economy, hundreds of thousands of Americans were told that if they wanted to keep their job or further their education, they'd need to do it online from their own home.

Some people love it, some people hate it, but it seems to be our "new normal", at least for now.

It seems that there is an online college course for just about everything these days but even I was surprised to learn that such options even exist for a avid whiskey fan like myself who may want to explore a career working with my beverage of choice.

And so, in 2020, it should come as no surprise to you that online whiskey classes are becoming incredibly popular for those who are stuck at home.

​Whether you want to become a distiller and make your own whiskey, or if you're just seeking to hone your appreciation of the nuances of what you drink, online whiskey education classes ARE the new normal, apparently!

For those who prefer to learn at home, or who are not located near any major campuses who might offer such learning in person, here are four colleges—one in Scotland and two here in the U.S.—that will be offering these sorts of courses.


1. The Edinburgh Whisky Academy

Edinburgh Whisky Academy - AllocatedLiquor.com

​Although the Edinburgh Whisky Academy offers in-person classes in single-malt whisky and the art of tasting whiskey given at its Edinburgh campus, it also offers a 10-hour online course called, “Introduction to Whisky.” The introductory course, targeted at “professionals in the industry who cannot visit Scotland,” is given in easy-to-follow modules with pop quizzes at the end of each module. No other course material is required... other than maybe a shot glass ;) Seems easy enough to get that degree, right!?

The course itself costs £280 (just under $400), but in order to receive a formal Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) certificate, you'll need to first pass an exam given at a Prometric assessment center. This will cost an additional £110 (~$150) for booking and using the center. Centers in the U.S. can be located by going to www.prometric.com

Click here to enroll at The Edinburgh Whisky Academy

2. The Distillery University

Distillery University - AllocatedLiquor.com

Distillery University states “We have 47 hours of content material online and will soon be adding to that,” says Rockwell Rutter, CEO of Distillery University, located in Spokane, WA. “We plan it pretty much so that learning is self-paced so that someone can watch for an hour or so when they have an opportunity.”

Distillery University's new-age method of teaching is to film its on-site classes and workshops live, and then make them available to those interested in learning the ins and outs of distilling. Prices are $49 for one month of access to the videos, $249 for a six months usage and $499 for lifetime membership.

“Our classes are mainly for people who want to learn distillation,” says Rutter, adding, “and the knowledge gained can help them whether they are looking for a job or plan to make their own whiskey.”

Click here to get more information on the Distillery University.

3. Whiskey University

Whiskey University - AllocatedLiquor.com

​Located in Columbia, TN, Whiskey University offers several certificate programs that are offered in-person, in classroom settings, and now offers online courses as well. Check out their website to see what options are available for remote learning. “These courses are very similar to our tastings,” the website says, “but in a virtual realm. Here, you will be able to witness tastings and information from our instructor, Craig Duncan.”

​Click here for more information about the Whiskey University.

Are you ready for a higher education in the finer things in life...online? What better time than right now to take a virtual deep dive into the world of whiskey? Just don't forget to come up for air!