Top 5 COVID-19 Cocktails You Can Make at Home

Hello, friends!

How are you doing?

Are you sick & tired of dealing with the Coronavirus? Are you doing okay with this new normal? At this stage of quarantine, I just keep thinking, this too shall pass while trying not to dwell on what my nickname will be when this shit goes all Mad Max...

I digress. 

Boozehound, though. My name would be Boozehound.

Anyway, here are our Top 5 COVID-19 Cocktails You Can Make at Home!

Allocated Liquor - Top 5 COVID-19 Cocktails


Kind of a mix between sangria and the death juice you'd find in a punchbowl at a dorm party. Bottom's up, 2020!

1x Bottle white wine
1x Can Sprite or 7UP or Sierra Mist or whatever man
12 oz Lemonade
2x Sliced lemons
2x Cups frozen berries
1/3 Cup sugar

Blend it all, pour it in a pitcher, refrigerate overnight, add the bubbly soda right before you serve, forget all about Coronavirus as you inconspicuously sip this from your sports bottle the entire next day.

Allocated Liquor - Top 5 COVID19 Cocktails


Coffee used to get us through our day, but the NEW NORMAL calls for vodka and Kahlua too, am I right? Shake one up and social distance your way through the day.

4oz Vodka
2oz Kahlua
2oz Iced coffee or espresso

Mix over ice, shake, chug.

Allocated Liquor - Top Five Coronavirus Cocktails


Raise your hand if it only took one week of homeschooling to discover that maybe you owe some teachers an apology! If common core math has you ready to make your splash in future history books, chill out with one of these cool, refreshing, sippers.

4oz Vodka
1x TSP Elderberry syrup
4oz OJ
Mix and serve over ice. Elderberries are good for you, or something.

Allocated Liquor Top 5 Coronavirus Cocktails to Make at Home


A martini as novel as this mother#%&*#$*^% virus! GLUG GLUG GLUG

1.5oz Vanilla vodka (or, ya know, some GOOD vodka with a drop of real vanilla)
1oz Coconut rum
Splash of pineapple juice
Shaken, not stirred. 

Top 5 COVID-19 Cocktail Recipes from Allocated Liquor


Mmmmm, citrus delight suitable for any global pandemic! After most of the year quarantined with your significant other, try to avoid any televised rides in a white Bronco, ok?

4oz Peach schnapps
4oz Orange Juice
Keep it simple. The juice is loose!

There you have it - the Top 5 COVID-19 Cocktails that You Can Make at Home! Of course, you've already found your one stop shop for the rarest and hardest to allocate bottles, now easy to order and delivered directly to you from Allocated Liquor!